Heat Loss Calculations


Simply put heat loss calculations allow heating systems to be correctly sized, emitter systems to be optimised and the thermal elements of building construction to be improved intelligently. With an accurate heat loss calculation the annual energy consumption can be predicted and modelled to provide the best system possible.

Heat loss calculations are essential for compliance with the Micro generation Certification Scheme (MCS) and required in order to receive Renewable Heat Incentive payments; making sure renewable heating systems are designed to provide year round thermal comfort and efficient long lived operation.

We supply heat load calculations to our own clients as well as the clients of other renewable energy companies to determine the best possible solutions; if you are a homeowner, business owner, tradesman, renewable energy company or architect looking to install or design a heating system or improve the thermal performance of a building, take advantage of our expertise and well established working practices to maximise your Return On Investment (ROI) and deliver maximum comfort and efficiency.