Company Vision


At Matrix Energy Systems (MES) we flirt the line between consultants and installers, offering tailored, practical and affordable Solutions for the conservation and generation of energy in all its forms; improving the lives of our customers and those around them.

Clear and Common Goals

In order to grow, MES has established a set of enduring goals by which the staff abide by to ensure that the company can do so profitably, sustainably and with a clear conscience. These tenets are:


We provide a cost effective, sustainable solutions for our clients


To ensure that our clients are receiving the very best service possible; timely, effective and impartial


We can ensure that our business will grow by addressing the clients’ needs first and foremost


To ensure that all our customer’s needs are dealt with in a streamlined, effective manner


When you envisage the city of the future, what do you see? What do we do for a living? How do we get around? And, perhaps most importantly, how do we heat and power our lives, our homes and our businesses? Do we still dig stuff up and set fire to it? Or do we use a more intelligent solution to achieve all that? This technology is available now and is returning significant savings in both capital and carbon. A significant change is occurring and we want to play our part.

We want to be significantly involved in a technological revolution that will see us progress from a nation largely dependent on imported fossil fuel to an island mostly independent of the volatile energy markets. We as a company and individuals wish to pass on to future generations an economic and environmental legacy of which we can be proud of, have no regrets over that allows future generations to flourish in a changing world.

We believe that comfort and wellbeing should be available to all whatever the circumstance and that no one in society should have to make the choice between food and fuel. For this reason we guarantee that we will never incorrectly specify a technology, oversell a product or seek to make money from our customers when no benefit is returned; we will always advise our customers of the best choices available.

We want to give everyone the option of improving their life albeit in one specific area, our area of expertise; energy. We work hard on your behalf so you can think about more important things than the cost of energy.


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